Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

WP Amazillionaire

WP Amazillionaire – Very Responsive Theme that make Amazon Affiliate Sites at the Speed of Light with SEO Integration

WP Amazillionaire is Powerful theme that make Amazon Affiliate Sites at the Speed of Light. Incredible Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme THREE Ways to Quickly and Easily Post Amazon Affiliate Posts. Now YOU Can Create Amazon Affiliate Sites and Review Sites at the Speed of Light! You’re about to see, first hand, how to speed up your Amazon Affiliate promotion up to a new level that you’ve never before experienced. You’re going to watch over my shoulder, in real time, as I create a stunning Amazon Affiliate Store / Review Site in a matter of minutes.

WP Amazillionaire is responsive from the word go. “Responsive” means that instead of having to run different versions of your site for different devices, WP Amazillionaire handles responding to tablets and smart phones for you. It automatically detects the screen size it’s being viewed on and adjust itself to suit tablet and smart phone screen sizes, whether vertically or horizontally oriented. There’s no need for extra plugins, mobile detection scripts and redirects. Just post away and let your theme do the heavy lifting for you.

WP Amazillionaire Features
  • Google Font generated “Site Title” and “Tagline”. Easily update the display to say anything you choose.
  • WP 3.x driven custom menus – three levels with dropdowns and flyouts.
  • In built “Anything Slider” creates slides out of anything you can post, including text, images and video
  • Automatically resized featured image display in posts and non-boring Google Font titles.
  • Localization ready – includes translation POT file ready for use with the free POEdit software.
  • In built pagination – no extra plugin installation required.
  • Threaded comments and separate trackback display as well as gravatar support.
  • Built in colorbox for both large image display and inline frame display.
  • Comes in Five Colors Red, Blue, Green, Black & Brown

WP Amazillionaire
WP Amazillionaire is built on our revolutionary ThemeStarta Framework, and is the cutting edge of everything. SEO is honed to perfection with features such as:
  • markup which, unlike microformats, is the only markup recognized by all three major search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Modern HTML5, CSS3 and WAI-ARIA Role markup for maxium SEO, style and accessibility.
  • Optimized page by page with dynamic titles, H-tag structure and markup, guaranteeing maximum SEO power for each individual page.
  • Fast and light code with an average of half the number of lines used by other frameworks. Minified HTML, CSS and JavaScript for maximum load efficiency.
  • SEO layout code – post & page content loads before sidebars, ensuring crawlers see the most important content first making indexing easier.
  • In built compatibility with the incredibly powerful WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, including support for titles and interior links / breadcrumbs.

WP Amazillionaire Theme